At Perth Property Styling we understand your top priority is to sell your property in the fastest time frame and for the best possible price.

Conversely a buyers’ top priority is to pay the lowest price possible for the same property.  In a turbulent property market how do we command the highest price from a reluctant buyer?

A buyer purchases from the heart. The key to sales success is to invite more buyers' hearts into your home. From the moment they cross the threshold of their new home, it is vital they are able to imagine living comfortably within it.  Whether your new owner dreams of long, lazy Sunday brunches with those they love the most; or lavish, extravagant dinner parties designed to impress the guests, they need to imagine themselves living within a space that is not only designed to meet their needs, but a place they are proud to call home.

Perth Property Styling are excited to create beautiful spaces designed to evoke heartfelt emotion and the perception of increased value within your property.  Our attention to detail and industry experience allows us to place pieces that will enhance the natural beauty of any property and result in a higher purchase price.

Our professional stylists will visit your property and provide an obligation free quote and assessment of the interior and exterior (if required).  Once you are ready to market we coordinate all pieces, install, and arrange placement for styling duration or sale of your property.  When sold, we collect all pieces so you can relax and focus on your property settlement.  Our quality service is designed to provide you with an easy, trouble free experience with the maximum desired outcome.



Property styling allows you to transform your home to a marketable product.  Furniture and homewares are placed and positioned to highlight the most attractive aspects of a property, with lighting and textures creating depth and warmth within a space. 

Perth Property Styling have the experience and expertise necessary to design a visual narrative that will help your ideal buyer to connect with your property.



COMMERCIAL: Whether your development is a cosy ‘subdivide and sell’ scenario or a full scale apartment complex, Perth Property Styling have the expertise to transform your vision into value.  Our mix and match commercial packages are flexible to meet all your display needs.

CORPORATE: Perth Property Styling and Staging offer hire services for all occasions from short-term display and expo hire to longer-term leasing arrangements we can provide a point of difference to hi light your business.

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Short stay and holiday accommodation properties are an emerging market in Perth and as such require experienced operators who not only understand your needs...they share them too! 

Our unique styling service offers these owners an easy solution to furnishing for short stay guests whilst simultaneously managing the application and approval process with your local council.  Short stay accommodation offers a lucrative return on investment for investors – and this investment can be maximised with Perth Property Styling’s expertise and experience.