The pulse of the Perth property market beats strong and fast. In dynamic times, it has never been more important to engage your buyer early. It is said that a buyer will make their decision within the first 30 seconds of viewing a property, and spend the rest of the time justifying it. Let us transform that first 30 seconds into a lifetime of memories.

At Perth Property Styling we pride ourselves on creating beautiful spaces. Our professional, seamless service and simple, elegant design style combine to deliver a flawless result designed to evoke an immediate emotional response.

Our collection of internationally sourced furniture, décor and artwork has been hand selected to complement our unique local pieces and provide the essential ingredient required for maximum impact within your property.

Our industry experience and passion for real estate allow us to furnish with quality and consistency, and provide the opportunity to sell your property for a higher price. In a competitive market, Perth Property Styling and Staging is the key to sales success.



Perth Property Styling are excited to create beautiful spaces designed to evoke heartfelt emotion and the perception of increased value within your property.  Our attention to detail and industry experience allows us to place pieces that will enhance the natural beauty of any property and result in a higher purchase price.



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Perth Property Styling have the experience and expertise necessary to design a visual narrative that will help your ideal buyer to connect with your property.


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Whether your development is a cosy ‘subdivide and sell’ scenario or a full scale apartment complex, Perth Property Styling have the expertise to transform your vision into value. 


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Short stay and holiday accommodation properties are an emerging market in Perth.

Our unique styling service offers these owners an easy solution to furnishing for short stay guests whilst simultaneously managing the application and approval process with your local council.